Can we  just pretend that this post is not 2 months late and move on? Yes? Thank you!

Back in October I posted my Victober Reading Challenge TBR and out of the 6 prompts I managed to read 5 books and accomplish three of them.

  1. Read a book by one of the hosts fave Victorian authors: *Thomas Hardy *Charles Dickens *Elizabeth Gaskell *Charlotte Bronte 

I read: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Far From The Madding Crowd by                  Thomas Hardy and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.


  1. Read a book that was published in the first ten years of the Victorian era and/or published in the last ten years of the Victorian era. (1837-1847 or 1891-1901)

I read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


  1. Read a Victorian novel and watch a screen adaptation.

I did the reading,Pride and Prejudice but unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the movie because i) I didn’t have the time as school + work kept me busy and ii) I don’t have the movie.


I feel like this was a win for me because one, getting through classics is not as easy as compared to the other genres yet I finished 5 in a month alongside my other reading and two, my classics tbr is 5 books lighter and that makes me so happy!


This was my first Victober and I can’t wait for 2019’s as I now know what to expect and I am prepared, sorta.

Thank you for reading I’ll see you on my next post. 🙂