Hi, reader! ? How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, and I read a lot too. Its currently 7pm on a Sunday evening as I write this post & incase the title doesn’t give it away, I turn 24 tomorrow! (24/02) eeep!
Last year, to mark my birthday, I did an A to Z of my life to show and see where I was then and today, I want to take stock on where I am now.

Making: a list of what I need right now. Both physically, emotionally & mentally.

Eating: delicious coconut cookies!

Drinking: yoghurt (lemon biscuit, yum!)

Reading: The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Very excited about this one.

Wanting: more and more and more.

Wasting: no time in setting my goals for this coming year.

Creating: more content for Suckerforcoffe

Wishing: for a damn miracle right now.

Liking: the prospects of what my future holds.

Wondering: if new borns dream. And if yes, what about?

Loving: how quiet it is.

Hoping: that I get a job soon.

Wearing: a blue dress. It’s quite comfortable.

Following: Nigela Lawson. Accidentally stumbled on her page and I. AM. OBSESSED.

Noticing: how fast the days are moving.

Knowing: that it’s going to be okay.

Thinking: about the pancakes my mum made yesterday. I want some now.

Craving: The pork ribs at Java.

Feeling: anxious and excited. Kidogo scared too!

Smelling: my hand cream. It’s pink and soft and I love it.

Giggling: at the conversation between Supriya & Deepanjana who host The Lit Pickers.

That’s it, reader. I feel like I just started on a whole new chapter & I’m excited to see where it leads me.

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Anyway, until next time, stay reading!

What advice would you share with me? What has life taught you so far?