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Turning 24 On The 24th |Taking Stock

Hi, reader! 🙂 How are you? How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, and I read a lot too. Its currently 7pm on a Sunday evening as I write this post & incase the title doesn’t give it away, I turn 24 tomorrow! (24/02) eeep!
Last year, to mark my birthday, I did an A to Z of my life to show and see where I was then and today, I want to take stock on where I am now.

Making: a list of what I need right now. Both physically, emotionally & mentally.

Eating: delicious coconut cookies!

Drinking: yoghurt (lemon biscuit, yum!)

Reading: The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Very excited about this one.

Wanting: more and more and more.

Wasting: no time in setting my goals for this coming year.

Creating: more content for Suckerforcoffe

Wishing: for a damn miracle right now.

Liking: the prospects of what my future holds.

Wondering: if new borns dream. And if yes, what about?

Loving: how quiet it is.

Hoping: that I get a job soon.

Wearing: a blue dress. It’s quite comfortable.

Following: Nigela Lawson. Accidentally stumbled on her page and I. AM. OBSESSED.

Noticing: how fast the days are moving.

Knowing: that it’s going to be okay.

Thinking: about the pancakes my mum made yesterday. I want some now.

Craving: The pork ribs at Java.

Feeling: anxious and excited. Kidogo scared too!

Smelling: my hand cream. It’s pink and soft and I love it.

Giggling: at the conversation between Supriya & Deepanjana who host The Lit Pickers.

That’s it, reader. I feel like I just started on a whole new chapter & I’m excited to see where it leads me.

A great birthday gift? Subscribe to my blog if you haven’t and share with your friends! Or just buy me books and/or send Mpesa 🤭 Happy Birthday to me!

Anyway, until next time, stay reading!

What advice would you share with me? What has life taught you so far?

16 thoughts on “Turning 24 On The 24th |Taking Stock

  1. Fun list! Haha

    Happy birthday bug! I can tell you from experience, 24 is going to be amazing. Sending you all my love, best wishes on the work thing and more great reads!❤

    Until next, xx!❤

  2. Going by the above comment,Hazel isn’t your name and I don’t want to call you sucker, so what is your name? 🙂

    Happy birthday. I hope your year will be filled with dreams fulfilled and prayers answered. May you get that job and all you desire.

    Like you, I’d also want to know what babies dream about. Mine giggles, laughs, shouts, cries all in her sleep 🙊🤷

    1. Hahaha its Faith. 😊
      Thank you for the wishes.

      My nephew was born this month and I see him smile to himself and it makes me wonder what goes in babies brains because they’ve just been born!
      I’m probably over thinking it haha

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