Hey Reader, I’m not one for literary prizes and for the longest I didn’t care for them until I came across The Women’s Prize For Fiction back in 2017. Going through the their long and short lists I realised that it’s something I’m quite interested in and I wanted to read them all. Here’s the thing though, those books are a lot & just thinking about them was overwhelming, so I had to find a way that would work for me, and make it enjoyable.

What exactly am I doing?

The Prize was first established in 1996 (which also happens to be my birth year, yaaay!!!) & from then till now only 6 books make the shortlist. My idea is to read all of the shortlisted titles, as many as I can & get in a year, for as long as it takes. This to me sounds & feels manageable and I get to do it at my own pace. I mage a list of the shortlisted titles since 1996 till to date (2020)and I will be adding to it as the years go by.

Why am I doing this project?

  • It’s a way for me to discover new authors both from blacklist tittles and new releases.
  • The prize focuses on one of my favourite genres. (literary & women’s fiction)
  • I love a good challenge! Also, it’s fun!
  • This project ensures I’m always reading.

What I have read so far
Out of the 150 shortlisted titles (1996 – 2020) I have read 12 books. With only one book left on my tbr. As you can see, it’s a slow progress.

Read books

  • Bel Canto
  • State Of Wonder
  • The Accidental
  • Room
  • Purple Hibiscus
  • Americanah
  • Half of A Yellow Sun
  • Burial Rites
  • My Sister, The Serial Killer
  • Where’d You Go Bernadette
  • The Memory Of Love
  • An American Marriage

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

That’s it for today’s post. I hope to get more read next year (I have to buy the books first) and I’ll try and do annual check ins just to update you on where I am.

Do you have any reading projects/challenges you’re doing? Let me know in the comments.