There are two things that have humbled me in this city, the traffic and the weather. I have come to accept the traffic, the weather, not so much. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining and just thinking about the number of times I have been rained on, I want to sit down and cry. However, the gloomy weather has me in a reflective mood and it took me back to to August when I was at the beach. Going through the pictures gave me a kind of comfort and had me craving another trip to the coast.

I hope you enjoy the pictorial.


Faith. πŸ™‚

Pack your bags and let’s go to the beach!Β 

mama and sissy goofing around at the train station as we wait to board.

Our hotel had a pretty entrance. I loved it much better during the night because of the lights.


I can’t describe how comfortable this bed was!


Quiet spaces and spiral stairs for the win.