‘Tis the season for all the wrap ups! I took part in some amazing challenges and I thought it’s fun to check in and tick off those boxes.
Modern Mrs Darcy aka Anne Bogel is one of my favourite bookish people out here, from her podcast, her blog to her reading lists and challenges, I love them all. This year the 2020 challenge was pretty simple, 10 categories for 12 books. So let’s get in to it

1. A book published the decade you were born.

I read The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje which was published in 1992. This one came as a recommendation from a dear friend, Cathy, but unfortunately I didn’t love it as much as she did. It was an okay read for me, I get why people like it but it wasn’t for me.

2. A Debut Novel

She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore. Oh how much I loved this book. Read my review here.

3. A book recommended by a source you trust.

The Stationery Shop of Tehran by Marjan Kamali. My lovely friend Ivy recommended this one & I am grateful she did because its such a brilliantly written book that I love(d).

4. A book by a local author.

I have read some pretty good Kenyan books this year and I couldn’t choose between Digital Bedbugs and Drug Paradise. You can read my review here and here respectively.

5. A book outside your (genre) comfort zone.

I didn’t have a book for this prompt so I flipped it a bit and instead I’ll share a book that I have never read like before. The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Daré. It’s written in broken english and Abi Daré makes it work. Look out for my review in the coming days.

6. A book in translation.

I have read that many translated works this year, but I did get to The Piano Cemetery by José Luis Peixoto which was such a lovely read.

7. A book nominated for an award in 2020.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley which ended up winning Goodreads Best Mystery and Thriller.

8. A reread.

Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. If you’re not aware by now this is my favorite romance of the year!

9. A Classic you didn’t read in school.

All the classics I have read this year I never read the in or for school. Thank God!

10. Three books by the same author.

I desire to be a Jane Austen completist, and this year I read a few of her works which I really enjoyed.

1. Mansfield Park

2. Love and Friendship

3. Northanger Abbey

That’s it for today’s post. Stay safe, and happy reading!

Do you see any familiar tittle? Let me know in the comments, and if you have any recommendations for me don’t hesitate to share.