Goodmorning Reader 🙂 I have a (hopeful) dream that one day I’ll be able to read and focus one book at a time, but until then, several books it is! If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter you are already aware that I tend to read multiple books at the same time, which prompts the one question I get a lot, “how do you do it?”

My Goodreads right now will tell you I am currently reading 12 books. No, I am not reading all of them right now; those are books that I am either reading or want to pick up next or I started reading and abandoned the book midway. (Actively I’m reading 5 books)


Before I tell you how I manage to read multiple books, let me explain why I do it. I am a mood reader which means I get tired and lose focus if I read one book for long. It is very hard for me to stick to a set tbr and more often than not I deviate from it.. I like the freedom of picking up whatever book I want, whenever the mood strikes. No limitations. I also hate book monotony and I get bored easily. Reading different books gives me the option to enjoy different stories as it ‘spices’ it up. It is truly amazing.

So how do I do it without getting confused?

  • Mixing It Up: Both the genre and the author

I tend to make sure the books I am actively are from different genres and by different authors. This helps in avoiding mix up of the plot or language. For example, most classics use the same language style and will have you confused which book you are reading from. In turn, if you are reading two thrillers chances of you mixing up the plots are high. No one wants that, so, mix up your genres.

The same goes for authors. More often than not an author’s writing is similar in their works. Reader, I guarantee you chances of being confused are higher if you take up two works by the same author.

  • Brain Dump

Whenever I am reading, I tend to have a notebook, a piece of paper or a sticky note to write down thoughts or anecdotes as I read along to ‘clear’ my brain before I go ahead to the next book. I usually have one or the other for each book I am actively reading.


  • Reading At Different Times

I am one of those people who have a reading routine so I am aware when I will be reading. For each of those times I read different books. For example, the book I’ll read before I go to bed isn’t the same I’ll read in the morning.

  • Reading Different Book Formats

Basically, I have a book in physical copy, one as an ebook and another as an audiobook and all of them are different.


I am not always frantic with my reading and I do finish books. Some in one sitting, sometimes a book will be so good and interesting and disregard the others until I am done. I just prefer reading more than one book.


Do you read one book or you are a multi-reader like me?