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Review: Lacuna by Fiona Snyckers

“Perhaps they simply thought it was more genteel to keep ugliness off the stage. No one wants to watch stomach-turning violence at the theatre, especially over dinner. It can be very upsetting.” Genre: Literary Fiction Pages: 255 Published: 1st April… Continue Reading →

Review: Murdering Romance by Kendi Karimi

“She always knew that one day, she would pay for her stories, but she never expected it to be such personal a vengeance.” Genre: Fiction Pages: 214 Published: 29th April, 2022 Rate: 2.5 stars Synopsis The novel by Kendi Karimi… Continue Reading →

Review: Beer Pressure by Otieno Opondo

“I was naïve, and life was about to teach me a sobering lesson on alcohol.” Genre: Fiction Pages: 252 Published: 2021 Rate: 3 stars Synopsis Timon Oywelowo’s path towards a better future is paved with several landmines. As an impressionable… Continue Reading →

Review: Beloved by Toni Morrison

“It was as though one day she saw red baby blood, another day the pink gravestone chips, and that was the last of it.” Genre: Historical Fiction Pages: 324 Published: 16th September, 1987 Rate: 4.5 stars Goodreads Synopsis Sethe was born… Continue Reading →

Review: Things They Lost by Okwiri Oduor

“And right then, inside Ayosa, a key turned, its teeth and notches biting down, wriggling for a few seconds, before finding its cavity.” Genre: General Fiction Pages: 368 Published: April 12th 2022 Rate: 4 stars Goodreads Synopsis Ayosa is a… Continue Reading →

Review: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

“To know what a person has done, and to know who a person is, are very different things.” Genre: Historical Fiction  Pages: 336 Published: 10th September, 2013 Rate: 4.5 Goodreads Synopsis: A brilliant literary debut, inspired by a true story: the final… Continue Reading →

Review: A Broken People’s Playlist by Chimeka Garricks

“Then, voice strong and lifted, she said a long lyrical, heartfelt prayer for me, in Khana not English – because Nigerian mothers don’t apologise in conventional ways.” Genre: Fiction, Short Stories Pages: 255 Published: 2020 Rate: 5 stars Goodreads Synopsis… Continue Reading →

Review: Twisted Times: Son of Man by Vincent De Paul

“Life was what I made for myself, a conviction I made to challenge my father.” Genre: Mystery, Thriller Pages: 302 Published: 12th August, 2015 Rate: 3.5 stars Goodreads Synopsis Once a coffin robber, murderer and most wanted criminal, Kennedy Paul… Continue Reading →

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