“There’s the person inside that wants to be loved and understood like everyone else. That’s the woman that I’m drawn to…and that’s the woman I’m going to get to know.”

Genre: Fiction, African Literature

Published: 30th July,2017.

Publisher: Bahati Books

Pages: 259

Rate: 4.5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Had the traditionally cute little cherub Cupid existed in African folklore, he would rather use the more authentic catapult to shoot his love arrows! His matchmaking endeavors often succeed to stir romance between the most unsuspecting individuals – coworkers, clients, employers and employees, nodding acquaintances, old lovers or friends. ‘Wine and Water’ by Hannah Onoguwe is a collection of twelve short stories set in Nigeria that explore all these likely or unlikely combinations. A purse gone missing at a high society wedding in Abuja; polite insults exchanged in traffic on a sweltering day in Lagos; a slap delivered at Iya Ibeji’s pepper soup joint in Bauchi; and the indignity of being likened to a call girl in Akwa Ibom. These are only a few of the scenarios that pave the way for attraction and romance in the book. Not waiting for an invitation, Love shows up, often taking everyone involved by surprise. These stories show us that every bit of the journey is important, from the cautiousness of getting to know someone to the bone-deep certainty that they are meant for you. They encourage us to keep believing in Love regardless, and when we’ve found that special someone, to cherish those moments of intimacy, laughter, and quiet contentment.

Disclaimer: I got a copy of the book from the publisher, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

My Take

Hi, my name is Faith and I am a hopeless romantic. Wine and Water is a collection of 12 short stories that had me falling in love in each and every story. I kid you not. I read a post by Hannah a while ago (I really can’t remember where when I do I’ll link it) and I remember loving it so much so when Bahati Books sent me this book I was so excited to dive in.

I would describe Wine and water as love in small doses. This is a book of short love stories, each different from the other yet evoke that love emotion in you. Out of the twelve I loved and enjoyed eight, one was okay and I didn’t like three of them.


In the order of how much I loved the stories, here are mini- reviews

  • Purely Platonic

I loved loved LOVED this story. I read it twice and the second time was actually immediately after finishing it the first time. I actually am happy that Hannah used Purely Platonic as her first story in the collection because it just grabs your attention and makes you curious.

I need a full novel here you guys!! In case it wasn’t obvious, this was my favorite story in the whole collection. 5 stars!!

  • Baggage to Love

This one was a charming story all about consent and blended family and it just warmed my heart.

  • Live Wire

The laughs I got from this were a ton. The humor is amazing.

  • For the Living

Talks about dealing with loss and easy banter.

  • Friends

A warm story with the friends to lovers trope.

  • The Unwrapping

Has a weird start but it blooms into a beautiful story.

“Well, I’ll say follow your heart – don’t wait too long to do what you really love doing, and whenever you decide, I’m sure you’ll make a success of it.”

  • One More Time

If second chance romance is your trope, then this is a story you would love.

  • Subtle Changes

There was nothing subtle about this story.

  • Spellbound

A lot of tension and angst present but the execution is too quick and the story just looks rushed.

  • Matching Hearts

I am not a fan of insta-love at all so this was just meh for me.

  • Mad Traffic

I was bored all through and I felt that the story was all over.

  • Heart Risk

I could have done without this story to be honest. It was mundane, boring and quite irrelevant.

Overall, this a wonderful book that’s quite entertaining and if you are like me you’ll be swooning all through. Go buy it!! You won’t regret it, I promise!


What’s your take on short stories? Love them? Hate them? Tell me down in the comments. Brownie points for any recommendation you send my way!