“Strong wasn’t a word anyone had ever used to describe her. Loyal. maybe. Reserved, definitely.”

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 256

Publisher: Pushkin Press

Published: 15th October, 2020

Rate: 4 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Twin sisters Hassana and Husseina’s home is in ruins after a brutal raid. But this is not the end but the beginning of their story, one that will take them to unfamiliar cities and cultures, where they will forge new families, ward off dangers and truly begin to know themselves.

As the twins pursue separate paths in Brazil and the Gold Coast of West Africa, they remain connected through shared dreams of water. But will their fates ever draw them back together?

A sweeping adventure with richly evocative historical settings, The Deep Blue Between is a moving story of the bonds that can endure even the most dramatic change.

Disclaimer: A proof copy of the book was sent to me for review by the publisher but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

My Take

When I picked up The Deep Blue Between I had trouble putting it down. I just wanted to sit down and read it, no distractions. I remember feeling a loss when I turned the last page, yet fully enriched. This is my first Ayesha Harruna Attah book and I can say, I am in love with how she writes. So beautifully, almost lyrical. She takes us on quite the journey between two countries in different continents, Brazil and the Gold Coast of West Africa. The journey is long, rich in history and culture. Ayesha takes us through all the different cultural changes Hassana and Husseina go through. I absolutely loved how she shows how the two struggle and overcome with these changes and how it impacts and affect them in their coming years.

Ayesha touches on Slavery, the missionaries, religion and dreams. There are more themes in the book but these are the four that I felt defined the book. Especially the dream connections, I was so fascinated! Take a pen and notebook reader, because when you are reading The Deep Blue Between, class in session. Did I mention it’s rich in history? You’ll find yourself wanting to know more, like I did.

“It was one thing to not know where your family was, but another to see your family being treated badly and being powerless to stop it.”

I loved the characters in this book! From the major ones (The Twins) to the secondary ones ( Yaya and Hajia) All of them play their role so well! With a story line that hooks you from the first page, this is a book that balances out both the plot and characters. I love it!

What does religion mean to you? How do you define it? What’s in a name? How far will you go family? These are some of the questions that were going through my mind as I was reading the book.

The Deep Blue Between is a short book that packs a punch and I highly recommend. The book is also being released today so grab yourself a copy and enjoy it with me!

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