“The crux of this most painful quandary of his was that he did not know whether her competence was God’s auspicious blessing or the handiwork of Satan’s tapestry.”

Genre: Historical Fiction

Published: May 25, 2022

Pages: 448

Rate: 3.5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Lost are the creatures destined never to be understood.

1926. Professor Josef van der Holt obtains a post at an all women’s college overseas. Stuffy London suddenly becomes the site for the unseemly exploits of his half-Dutch and half-German daughters Anneliese and Isabel. When tragedy carves out a hollow in their lives, a severed soul sends the sororal twins along a jagged path: while Isabel takes flight in sensual hedonism Anneliese skirts danger in her role as sleuth. Elusive are the sentiments they seek: swift stopovers of fleeting feeling. Lopsided loves and passions scarcely probable veer each away from the predictable.

And when the obvious appears unstoppable the opposite may achingly be true.

Spanning the twentieth century’s five most volatile decades, The Crooked Little Pieces is a series about inextricable entanglements. Perverse relationships pervade a glossary of scenes. Plots criss-cross over a rich tapestry of twists and tension-fuelling characters: some relatable, others opaque and many “crooked”.

It is television drama. Novelised.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was sent to me by the author for review but all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

My Take

I came for the cover and synopsis, stayed for the plot and story line. The Crooked Little Pieces is the perfect mix of plot based and character based book. I enjoyed the show and tell aspects of the book as it made for a wonderful reading experience.

I loved the writing. It was quite easy to get through and I loved how I was able to grasp even the things I didn’t know much about, the science/academic parts, as the way it is written made me able to understand without googling. The Crooked Little Pieces has a strong sense of place with vivid descriptions that I felt like I was there too.

One thing I really loved is the narration. A coming of age story that follows these twin girls and seeing their perspective; the child-like innocence and view of the world to them being grown and the decisions and choices they make. It’s all brilliantly written.

Some of the themes the book explored that I loved how it was handled, grief, mental health and feminism. Some are plain outright while others it’s undertones here and there.

“I just can’t understand how one can go through life holding so much inside. I barely hold anything.”

There is such a haunting feeling that creeped up on me as I read The Crooked Little Pieces. Some scenes and events had me at the edge of my seat and honestly, I was scared for some characters.

There is a cast of characters, each well written and thought out. The morally grey characters were my favorite.

One thing I didn’t quite like was that I didn’t see any character development and some issues could be solved with communication. There is a book 2 and I am hoping that that gets better.

All in all I did enjoy reading the book and would recommend if you’re looking a well told, haunting, coming of age story

Have you read The Crooked Little Pieces? What did you think about it?