“Fear no more, says the heart. Fear no more, says the heart, committing its burden to some sea, which sighs collectively for all sorrows, and renews, begins, collects, lets fall.” 
Genre: Historical Fiction 

Pages: 172

Rate: 1.5 stars


Mrs Dalloway covers one day from morning to night in one woman’s life. Clarissa Dalloway, an upper – class housewife, walks through her London neighborhood to prepare for the party she will host that evening. When she returns from flower shopping, an old suitor and friend, Peter Walsh, drops by her house unexpectedly. 

My Take 

I was in a state of confusion while reading Mrs Dalloway, all through. Clarissa’s thoughts, emotions and images are so random and follow no logical order. I didn’t relate to any character, I actually couldn’t keep up with them, and honestly I can’t remember half of them. Mostly because, They. Are. So. Many.

                                         “I am this. I am that.”

I think the fact that the book is so confusing and very complicated made it hard for me to enjoy it as I would have liked.

The idea of parallel stories is really cool it makes for a great plot, and it would have been amazing if the book was a bit longer.I think it would have been less confusing.