Review: Many Fragile Things by Victoria Ngunjiri

“These pages are more than I care to admit. They carry admission of my guilt.”

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Poetry

Pages: 84

Published: December 2021

Rate: 3.5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Many Fragile Things is a contemporary poetry collection that weaves together real-life, every day experiences, using artistic expression as an icebreaker to evoke thought and spark conversations around sensitive topics.

The anthology highlights some of the many fragile things we have to juggle and how to maintain balance, leaning heavily on matters; ~Love; what it takes to be able to love another person and allow another person love you.

~Faith; why we believe in the things we do and how that translates to who we are and how we interact with the rest of the world.

~Healing and self discovery as a journey. Keep an open mind, ask the hard questions and allow yourself appreciate what you will discover.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was sent to me by the author for review but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

My Take

It is always a wonderful feeling when you read a book and it surpasses your expectations and brings you out of your comfort zone while at it. Many Fragile Things is a short book that took me through a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a book that hit close to home in some parts for me.

I found Many Fragile Things lyrical in it’s writing. The book is in three parts written in such a way that flows easily which made for a quick read. My favorite part has to be chapter one and chapter 3.

“There are certain oxymoron in life I find comical, like how bigger things make you seem smaller.”

The first thing I noticed about Many Fragile Things is the illustrations which I fell in love with at the first flip through. They are so beautiful and as I read the book, I got the light bulb moment of what they mean in relation to the poems. The author is quite raw and honest with the reader through the poems which is something I loved and made me feel seen.

Many Fragile Things is a short book that packs quite the punch. It’s one that you have to sit with for a bit when you are done just to reflect on what you have read. This is the first book by Victoria Ngunjiri and I am keen on reading a full length novel from her. From reading Many Fragile Things, it promises to be a treat.

Have you read Many Fragile Things? What did you think about it?

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