“Before you reach the point of no return, you become aware that you’re heading there…”

Published: August 5th,2016.

Genre: Non- Fiction 

Rate: 3.5 ????

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Her Roots” serves as a “toolkit” to a better lifestyle. A trial and error handbook, to help ladies in their 20s identify, address and resolve issues in our day-to-day lives by personally digging into their roots. 

The book seeks to start the conversation social issues such as national development, FGM, violence, defilement, HIV/AIDS, political and social right rape among others by challenging women to change their perception of life and seek to be strong willed and financially independent. It covers a wide scope of other topics that are relevant to young ladies in today’s demanding world: investments, saving, travel, relationships, friendships, career, family and nightlife. 

In summary, the book is about re-creating and re- defines the Kenyan Renaissance Woman without necessarily waiting until vision 2030. 

My Take 

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by the author in exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Lessons learnt. Two words I would use to describe Her Roots. The author, Lanji, tells her story in a way that has you curious and want to know more about her journey and the people who weave in and out of her journey. Lanji discusses her concerns and curiosity regarding the society. She speaks on important topics such FGM, Violence among others and the problems resulting to them. I love that she includes other people who share the experiences.

My only problem with the book was with the editing, a few spelling errors here and there, of which I managed to look past and actually enjoy the book. 

“…by digging deep into our roots, we can try to be happy and content not by what society has deemed happiness to be but what each individual defines as their happiness.” 

While reading Her Roots the reader feels as though they may be sitting at the kitchen table chatting & sharing with Lanji. Her writing style is descriptive yet direct. If you enjoy a concisely – written book, Her Roots is an excellent choice. 

What are your roots? What defines you culturally?