“Life is an adventure to be embraced with an open mind and loving heart”

Genre: Domestic Fiction
Pages: 453
Published: May 2, 2019
Rate: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Goodreads Synopsis

Girl, Woman, Other follows the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters. Mostly women, black and British, they tell the stories of their families, friends and lovers, across the country and through the years.

Joyfully polyphonic and vibrantly contemporary, this is a gloriously new kind of history, a novel of our times: celebratory, ever-dynamic and utterly irresistible.

My Take
Girl, Woman, Other is a book that has been highly recommended to me, with rave reviews. Before starting the book I was a bit scared that I might not like it (you know, hyped book and all of that) but I’m happy to report I actually did love it!

The book follows 12 different brilliant women, each with a distinctive voice and Bernardine Evaristo brings out their stories so well. Her writing is beautiful and she plays with language brilliantly, having each story read differently, with different lives yet tie in intricately at the end. I was in awe! Paired with the beautiful prose, I was hooked.

The attention to details & structure of the plot is one thing that I really loved. I felt like I was in those different places with the different characters and it was amazing. Bernardine writes without punctuation and it’s one thing most people didn’t like about it, but for me I didn’t mind it. In place of punctuation, she does use line breaks and after figuring that out it made for a smooth read for me.

“She realized knowing someone comes from money isn’t the same as witnessing the extent of it in close proximity”

The exploration of love, sex, feminism, and friendship are some of the many themes in the book that I quite loved and enjoyed.

Girl, Woman, Other definitely lives up to the hype. I had a difficult start with trying to figure out the writing but after 20 pages I was set and quite happy that I stuck with it. I do recommend if you haven’t read it yet.

Have you read Girl, Woman, Other ? What did you think about it?