“His blindness took away his confidence so that he did not trust the thoughts in his mind.”

Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 233
Published: November 30, 2000
Rate: 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Goodreads Synopsis
History and fiction merge seamlessly in Tracy Chevalier’s luminous novel about artistic vision and sensual awakening. Through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Griet, the world of 1660s Holland comes dazzlingly alive in this richly imagined portrait of the young woman who inspired one of Vermeer’s most celebrated paintings.

My Take
I was floating while reading this book, in the best way possible. Mesmerised by the beautiful writing, and my attention held from the first page.

The story of a local painter woven in the every day life of a young maid. I was in awe of the vivid descriptions, the attention to details that brought this book to life. The plot is paced so well, with little shocking moments here and there that made me even more interested.

Our main character, Griet, is so captivating. I went through the motions of loving her, sympathising with her plight, and seeing her resilience and strength. Truly one of the best characters I have read in a while.

“She could be the most interesting of the girls, but also the most changeable – the best and the worst at the same time”

In as much as I really loved and enjoyed this book, I did find some characters dull and lacking and made me bored when they came on the page. There were some extremities that I had a problem believing.

Girl With A Pearl Earring gives you a look into 17th Century Delft, Holland and how life was lived and perceived. From the clear lines between Catholics and Protestants, to the every day life of the common people and high society. A true look in History, wrapped up in art. I highly recommend.