“I was naïve, and life was about to teach me a sobering lesson on alcohol.

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 252

Published: 2021

Rate: 3 stars


Timon Oywelowo’s path towards a better future is paved with several landmines. As an impressionable teenager, his friends pressure him into taking his first sip of beer. He’s found out, and the ensuing punishment sears the fear of beer into his consciousness.

He focuses on his studies and joins University in Kampala, Uganda, with only one job—getting his undergraduate degree. But is it that clear-cut? Outside of the University walls lies a totally different world. It is a world of unchecked freedom. A world where beer flows freely, immorality reigns supreme, partying is a way of life, and the desire to make it by any means is what counts.

Timon finds himself at a crossroads: will he keep on the straight and narrow, or will he veer off the rails and careen down the steep slope of destruction?

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was sent to me by the author for review but all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

My Take

Beer Pressure was such a good read. The flow and pacing is great and the book is engaging from the first page to last. The writing is easy to get through and I really loved and enjoyed the Kenyanese all through the book. A Kenyan book for Kenyans. The book felt familiar and I could resonate to a few things, which made my reading experience even better. Beer Pressure has such an interesting story line and watching the plot unfold was both hilariously entertaining and shocking.

The book does talk about some serious topics in a not a judgemental way, as a way to educate and inform which I really loved and appreciated.

What I didn’t like: There are some misogynistic undertones sprinkled in the book that rubbed me the wrong way. The story tangents have their own tangents which felt incomplete. There is over explaining and translations of Kenyan words and phrases that honestly took away from it being a Kenyan book. Some pop culture references missed the mark and it looked out of place.

All in all Beer Pressure is an okay read that has it’s good moments, which made the book enjoyable for me.

Have you read Beer Pressure? What did you think about it?