Happy New Year, friends!
One thing I love about the new is the illusion it gives of a fresh start and gives me a chance to reset my targets and set new goals.
Today’s post will be a short and sweet one as I share what I want to achieve by the end of the year.

Reading Goals

  • Read my bookshelf. One thing is for sure, buying books and reading them are two separate activities. The idea is to read all the unread books on my bookshelf and my kindle.
  • Read 100 books. Currently I’m stuck between being a picky reader and a lazy reader and this is basically my idea of challenging myself.
  • Quality over quantity. In as much I want to read 100 books, I am aiming for good books without paying attention to the numbers.

Blogging Goals

  • I love structure and I realized if I want suckerforcoffe to thrive, I need some kind of structure. There were times last year where I’d go weeks without posting anything and for no reason other than I wasn’t prepared, that’s the major reason I developed a schedule aka blogging calendar. There will be posts going up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every other Sunday I’ll also be putting up a post.
  • Post more book reviews. I love reviews. I love reading them and I love writing them even more. Right now I have a huge backlog and I’m working on having them up on the blog, so look out for them and so much more.

Do you have any goals for this year? Share one, two with me.

Wishing you all a lovely day, and a wonderful year ahead. ❤️