My 2017 Resolutions… 

Happy New Year you guys! 

It’s a warm Sunday morning and I’m writing this over hot cup of coffee, some things never change! 

I spent last evening reflecting on what I have done for the past year and what I would like to do in the next one, and I found myself writing down a couple things that can pass off as resolutions. 

  1. Doing more with less- this mostly applies to my school work 
  2. Read 35 books this year. This is my reading goal for this year
  3. Blog more. I love and enjoy blogging but sometimes I just became lazy and fall into a blogging slump, so I hope to change that this year and be more consistent 
  4. Stick to my workout routine. I am very unfit and for the last few months I’ve had a love hate relationship with working out, so that needs to change 
  5. Feed my body, soul and mind with positivity 
  6. Read out of my comfort zone… I tend to read in one or two genres and I a plan on changing that.
  7. Read and complete a book series. This is a tricky one but hopefully I’ll manage. Recommend to me some great book series 
  8. Stick to my planner. I need to be more organized tbh
  9. Grow my book collection. If I’m being honest, I’m most excited about this 

That’s it! Have you made any resolutions? Let me know below! 

Until my next post, bye! ❤

17 thoughts on “My 2017 Resolutions… 

  1. Ooo I really like these goals! I want to be more committed to blogging as well and become more a part of the community by commenting and talking to others! I want to focus more and take the time to do what makes me happy! And tbh I want to buy a few books this year that have been on my list for ages. A bookshelf can never have too many books!

  2. Great goals, Fay! I wish you all the best with them. I believe in you. ❤

    I totally get the fitness thing. I was super into it during winter (June – August here) but I haven’t been consistent for the last few months — so I hope to get back into it! So that’s my goal for 2017 too!

  3. These are such great resolutions! Best of luck with the reading target. If you’re looking to read out of your comfort zone there are tonnes of reading challenges that can help

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