Hey guys! I come to you with another tag, I saw this tag on Molly’s Book Nook page and I thought it would be awesome to do it, mostly because today is my one year bookstagramvasary (is that even  a word?) yaaay!!! Now let’s get on with the questions

  1. What’s your instagram handle? @suckerforcoffe
  2. How long have you been in the bookstagram community? 1 year today! 
  3. How many people do you follow? 163
  4. How many followers do you have? 1073
  5. What is your favorite genre of pictures? Well, I translated this to ‘what is your theme’ and the answer is none. I have a really messy feed and rarely stick to a particular theme 
  6. What are your favorite hashtags? #Bookstagram #booksandcoffee #bookworm 
  7. How often do you check instagram? In the morning and in the evening 
  8. What’s your favorite filter? I don’t use any 
  9. What is the best part about being in this community? The friendships I have made. Everyone is so nice and the part where we all get to talk about books. I’ve discovered great ones through Bookstagram 
  10. What is the worst part about being in this community? When fandoms collide, it can get pretty messy. Also, when I find myself comparing my account to others and I just end up feeling bad about mine 
  11. Three favorite instagram accounts currently? Aaah I’ll give you 15 🙂
  • thecrinkledspine Dani is among the first people I met when I joined bookstagram and we’ve been friends ever since 
  • symphonyofsoldier Nico is one of the sweetest people ever and her captions are usually fun and hilarious 
  • mybookjacket Vicky has a beautiful account and a blog to match with amazing book recommendations
  • africaanah Nada has the most amazing bookish merch and I always love how she incorporates them in her pictures 
  • nadirasworld Nadira is very welcoming and sweet and her reviews are so well put and I’ve added so many books to my tbr because of her 
  • ladyofthelibrary Amy’s flat lays are well thought and go hand in hand with the props she uses. Her range of bookish merch are amazing
  • Sammy.reads Sammy’s minimalistic account is so warm and has beautiful pictures. Not to mention her classics collection is amazing 
  • avi.reads I recently started following Avi and her account has beautiful pictures, and very sparkly! Her photography is on point 
  • mybookbath Jude’s  bookshelf is amazing, and so beautiful. She’s the reason I want to read more classics. I also love how interactive she is with her followers. 
  • thebooksatchel Resh’s account is so warm and cozy. Like a home. Her book recommendations are so diverse and I just want to read every book she reviews and recommends. 
  • cozybooksandcoffee Erica is all about coffee and books.  Her coffee pictures are everything! 
  • karinareads if there’s a theme I’d love to have,  it has to be Karina’s. A simple account with great book recs.
  • crimebythebook I never thought I needed to read crime books until I stumbled upon Abby’s account. She does not disappoint, also, Coffee! 
  • sweptawaybybooks Everything new adult I go to Alyssa’s account. She has such a beautiful feed and great reccs too. 
  • booksugar if you haven’t heard of Maria, well now listen up, her book collection is to die for! I always look forward to her posts just so I can feast my eyes on them. 

    Do you have a Bookstagram account? What’s your favorite thing about it? Do let me know! 

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂