Happy new month you guys! Only 23 days before Christmas and 30 days till the new year, WHAT??

Lately I have been in a festive mood and it just hit me, December is usually a busy crazy month for some people and at times it ends up being frustrating. Trying to find ways to make it bearable is what led us here.

These are some of the things that I think would make December work:

  • Have a plan. Make a list of all you have to do, could be a monthly log or a reminder in your phone. This will help you know how to manage your time.
  • Do your Christmas shopping early. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time in long queues.
  • Take a personal day and listen to Christmas music all-day long.
  • If you’re into decorating your house for Christmas, this is the time! The earlier the better.
  • Watch Christmas movies and/or shows.
  • Pick up a book that screams your mood. Something festive perhaps?
  • Spend some time with family and friends
  • Learn a new baking recipe!
  • Embrace wearing your collection of ugly holiday sweaters

And finally,

  • Take time to appreciate everything and everyone around you.

I hope this lists helps you in some way! Happy Thursday 🙂