I knew after the first 5 pages I won’t be reviewing this book. How can you critic one’s diary?
I remember I had to keep on putting this book down, not because I wasn’t enjoying it, no, but because it’s so heavy and tackles really heavy things and when you know it’s all real and what a 13 year old girl went through, it wrecked me and I couldn’t take it in one go. I had to deliberately pace myself.

One thing that is very clear in this book is that Anne is self aware, very smart and a good writer. She does talk about how she hopes to be an author one day and you can see clearly that she makes an effort to work towards that. I love Anne Frank, I love her so much. I just finished watching the documentary on the parallel lives of the people who survived and her time in hiding and it’s heartbreaking knowing and watching what they went through.

The Diary Of A Young Girl is such a personal book which Anne uses as an outlet and coping mechanism. It’s a source of comfort to her and she even gives it a name, Kitty! She shares her innermost thoughts, her highs, lows and everything in between.

It’s really interesting seeing her come to herself, finding her way and discovering things about her body. She has this child-like innocence, and it translates in her diary. She shares with us practically every single thing about her and at some point I started thinking I’m being invasive knowing all these things about her.

The Diary Of A Young Girl is not a book to review, but one to experience. It’s not the happiest of books, it’s unsettling actually, but very much needed, to read and share. If you’ve been thinking about reading it, do it, if you weren’t aware of it, please go get a copy and read it.

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