In case you don’t already know by now, it’s my birthday today, yaay! 

Over the years I have learnt some life lessons and what other better day than to share them with you guys. So here we go, 21 lessons I’ve learnt at 21:

  1. Treat yourself. This is important! 
  2. Make lists. Shopping lists, to do lists etc this ensures that you’re up to date with all you need to do 
  3. Lip balm is a miracle product, don’t underestimate it. 
  4. Read more. You can never stop learning 
  5. Be gentle with yourself. Self care 🙂
  6. Never regret stuff you didn’t do, only regret stuff you did because then at least you did it. 
  7. Love is not always enough but it’s a foundation to build life on. 
  8. Stay organized. Organization = Productivity 
  9. Take chances. It only begins with one step. 
  10. People grow and change. Deal with it. 
  11. If you look good, you feel good too. 
  12. Coffee with 3 sugars! ☕
  13. Music is great for your soul. 
  14. Do you – You can’t please everybody. 
  15. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a book I believe everyone should read.
  16. Journaling is therapeutic.
  17. Self confidence goes a long way. 
  18. The first sip of coffee is always heaven. 
  19. Listen more than you talk. 
  20. Your mother is always right. Even when she’s not. 
  21. Love is love. 

Wishing you all a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Also, Happy Birthday to Ashleigh of ❤