Meet Erk, a gem in the book community. She recently finished doing Blogtober and I’m in awe of her. Here’s my little conversation with Erk, enjoy. ❤

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

This is the toughest part, honestly. Can’t I just skip to the next one? No? Okay, lemme try to not be awkward 😀 I am a passionate reader and a book blogger. I blog on Musings of a Confuzzled Reader and consider it as my longest commitment yet! I categorize myself as an Ambivert, a person who has no problem in talking to strangers but is a very private one. I bet even my best friend doesn’t know me well enough. I am a mystery waiting to be solved 😉

2. What are you currently reading?

I just finished reading ‘The Man You Meet In Heaven’ by Debbie Viggiano. I was this close to DNFing it but decided to give it a last try. I was able to get through it and finished it today! No DNFs for me then 😀

3. What’s your favorite genre and why?

It’s tough to just pick one, but I will go with Fantasy. We wouldn’t have been able to visit Hogwarts and Narnia if it wasn’t for this genre.

4. What do you think about the reading culture in India?

When westerners talk about India, they usually think of us as a bunch of geeks. This is true to an extent as Indian parents do impose their ‘expectations’ on their children. These expectations force most of us to become so engrossed in course textbooks that we hardly get time to do reading outside of school work. We respect books but perhaps not the written word as much. Add to that the deficiency of good libraries and booksellers. I personally live at a place where there is a place called ‘book market’ just outside my house, but the only books they sell are the ones for college courses or for national entrance test preparations. Sure, the situation might be better in bigger cities, especially the metro cities, but the larger part remains deprived of this basic privilege.

5. Name 3 reading habits that you have.

I don’t have any particular reading habits. I read when I like, where I like and I don’t snack while reading.

6. Do you prefer tea or coffee? How do you take it?

Both! Honestly, I love both and they are not replaceable for me. I like my tea strong an my coffee sweet ☺

7. What is one book you recommend to people?

At the moment, I am recommending ‘The Afterlife of Walter Augustus’ to almost everyone! It’s an excellent book with a unique plot line.

8. Where can we find you?
Here are all my links:

My blog: The Confuzzled Reader

Instagram: The Confuzzled Reader

Twitter: Er_Reads

Goodreads: ERK