Book Review: 1984 By George Orwell

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Genre: Political fiction, Classic                                           

Rate: 4 stars

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”

The year is 1984, in a country where you are watched all the time and one can’t afford the luxury of making his or her own decisions. 1984 is a great modern classic – an original novel that creates an imaginary world that is utterly convincing. The reader experiences the world that Orwell envisions.

This book was hard for me to get into at first, and I almost did not finish it. I gave it a second chance with an open and I am really glad I did. The protagonist, Winston, enables the reader to understand the harsh oppression that The Party, Big Brother and the Thought Police exercise over the people of Oceania. He is desperate to understand why the party has and exercise so much power. Mind control, intimidation and manipulation are some of the things he is curious about. He struggles with what is real and what he and others are forced to believe.

Winston’s hatred for The Party and Big Brother lead him to commit crimes against them. These rebellious acts was his own way of having freedom he believes is taken away from him.

He trusts the wrong people and this in turn leads to his downfall. He takes unnecessary risks which get him caught, arrested and tortured.

I ended up enjoying this book though I found myself with more questions than it could answer. Some characters were and still are a mystery to me.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Book Review: 1984 By George Orwell

  1. YAY, thank you for tagging me on Twitter, Fay!

    Great review. I agree, this book WAS hard to get into, but the ending blew my mind and made me think more deeply about the themes. Did you know that this book was going to be called ‘The Last Man in Europe’? Even though I LOVE that book title, it would’ve given the ending away.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it though! Have you read Orwell’s Animal Farm?

    1. You’re welcome!
      The ending left me SPEECHLESS!! I actually thought Winston wouldn’t break but… Orwell really knew what he was doing
      O’Brien left me with a lot of questions and the themes in this book are so thought provoking.
      ‘The Last Man in Europe?’ thank God they changed it, I don’t think that title suits it at all.
      I haven’t read Animal Farm… Yet but it’s in my to buy list.

      1. Right? It was so sad but thought-provoking too.

        Oh really?? I think it suits really well! Especially since Winston lost his identity and his ability to have free thought after he loses to fear. I think Orwell, with that title, intended for ‘man’ to be someone who is able to think for themselves and does not lose to fear… if that makes sense?? What do you think?

        Oh, Animal Farm is so good! I like it a weeeeee bit better than 1984 actually! 😀

        1. It does make sense in a way though how I see it, that title would mean that Winston defeats it all, The Thought Police, The Party and Big Brother. He would have found a way to overcome his fear and face any challenge that came his way. Also, that title would incorporate more of the Secret Brotherhood because how else would he defeat the authorities of Oceania?

          Speaking of The Brotherhood, do you think it exists?
          and O’Brien, what do you think was his motive?

          1. Those are some good points! But Winston ‘failed’ in the end, because his fear consumed him and he conformed to the Party’s ideals.

            As for the Brotherhood – I’m not sure! I am certain they existed in some form in the book’s history, but they may not exist anymore. I think the Brotherhood is supposed to show that ideas can be shaped to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, depending on who is speaking.

            Hmm it’s been awhile since I read 1984, so I don’t remember O’Brien too well! I shall have to re-read it and get back to you! 😀

        2. Sorry for intruding… I have read Animal Farm & I’m planning to read 1984. I want to read 1984 beacuse I’m looking for some dystopian work.

          From the review & comments, I also feel that Animal Farm is much better than 1984. I just love the transformation from “Four legs good, Two legs bad” to “Four legs good, Two legs better”!

  2. Hey hun.. so i finally got around to clicking on that link and my my aren’t i glad that i did.
    You are amazing and i can’t wait to see more.
    If you did write a book of your own someday,i’d be honoured to be among the first buyers.
    Kudos ,keep up the good work .

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