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Genre: Political fiction, Classic                                           

Rate: 4 stars

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”

The year is 1984, in a country where you are watched all the time and one can’t afford the luxury of making his or her own decisions. 1984 is a great modern classic – an original novel that creates an imaginary world that is utterly convincing. The reader experiences the world that Orwell envisions.

This book was hard for me to get into at first, and I almost did not finish it. I gave it a second chance with an open and I am really glad I did. The protagonist, Winston, enables the reader to understand the harsh oppression that The Party, Big Brother and the Thought Police exercise over the people of Oceania. He is desperate to understand why the party has and exercise so much power. Mind control, intimidation and manipulation are some of the things he is curious about. He struggles with what is real and what he and others are forced to believe.

Winston’s hatred for The Party and Big Brother lead him to commit crimes against them. These rebellious acts was his own way of having freedom he believes is taken away from him.

He trusts the wrong people and this in turn leads to his downfall. He takes unnecessary risks which get him caught, arrested and tortured.

I ended up enjoying this book though I found myself with more questions than it could answer. Some characters were and still are a mystery to me.

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