Hey friends! I’m back with another post and today I talk about all the reading challenges I’ll be doing this year. I found this post which is basically a master list on all challenges happening this year, and I selected 3 which I found quite doable for me.

Let’s get to it.

*24in48 Reading Challenge

This is more of a readathon which begins at 12:01am on Saturday morning and runs through till 11:59pm on Sunday night. Participants read for 24hrs out of that 48hrs period. (Jan 27 – 28th)

*Goodreads Challenge

Last year my goal was 35 books, and as much as I surpassed that goal, I didn’t want to get it over my head, and settled on a manageable goal of 40 books.

*Back to the Classics Challenge

I loved the prompts and found it to be a great way to get through my classics tbr. You can find the original post here for the rules and how to sign up.

The categories are:

  1. A 19th century entury classic – any book between 1800 & 1899.
  2. A 20th century classic – any book published between 1900 & 1968.
  3. A classic by a woman author.
  4. A classic in translation.
  5. A children’s classic.
  6. A classic crime story, fiction or non – fiction. Published at least 50 years ago.
  7. A classic travel or journey narrative, fiction or non-fiction. The journey itself must be the major plot.
  8. A classic with a single word title.
  9. A classic with a color in the title.
  10. A classic by an author that’s new to you.
  11. A classic that scares you.
  12. Re-read a favorite classic.

* Modern Mrs Darcy Challenge

Another great challenge with 12 prompts that are amazing!

Find the original post here with all the information on signing up.

The categories are:

  1. A classic you’ve been meaning to read.
  2. A book recommended by someone with great taste.
  3. A book in translation.
  4. A book nominated for an award in 2018.
  5. A book of poetry, a play, or an easy collection.
  6. A book you can read in a day.
  7. A book that’s more than 500 pages.
  8. A book by a favorite author.
  9. A book recommended by a librarian or Indie bookseller.
  10. A banned book.
  11. A memoir, biography, or book of creative nonfiction.
  12. A book by an author of a different race, ethnicity, or religion than your own.

* Victorian Reading Challenge

The minute I saw the word Victorian, I knew for sure that this is one challenge I have to do. The Victorian Reading Challenge is hosted by Becky, and the goal is to read a minimum of 4 Victorian books, and there’s a total of 45 prompts! You can check out the post here for all the details.

The categories are:

_ A book that was originally published serially
_ book published between 1837-1840
_ book published between 1841-1850
_ book published between 1851-1860
_ book published between 1861-1870
_ book published between 1871-1880
_ book published between 1881-1890
_ book published between 1891-1901
_ nonfiction published between 1837-1860
_ nonfiction published between 1861-1901
_ A book published between 1902-1999 with a Victorian setting
_ A book published between 2000-2018 with a Victorian setting
_ A fiction or nonfiction book about Queen Victoria
_ Biography of a Victorian
_ Nonfiction book about the Victorian era
_ free choice
_ place name in the title
_ character name in the title
_ book in a series
_ drama or melodrama
_ gothic, suspense, mystery
_ romance or historical
_ comedy
_ science fiction or fantasy
_ adventure, crime, western
_ poetry collection OR story collection
_ happily ever after
_ unhappily ever after
_ children’s book
_ translated into English from another language
_ a book under 250 pages
_ book over 500 pages
_ a book over 800 pages
_ A book that has been filmed as movie, miniseries, or television show
_ memorable heroine
_ memorable hero
_ British author
_ Irish author OR Irish setting
_ Scottish author OR Scottish setting
_ American author
_ reread
_ book with a subtitle (the longer the better!)

You may notice that the challenges lean more towards classics, and that’s because that is where my heart lies to the most.

Are you doing any reading challenges this year? Which one(s)?

What’s your goodreads goal? Share with me in the comments section below!