Hi Reader! For the first time ever I have a list of books I am looking forward to their release. Now here is the thing, I tend to read blacklist titles more often than not and sprinkle new releases here and there in my reading. So believe me when I say I am quite excited!

The Books

  • The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna out 31/5/2022. I read The Gilded Ones which is the first book and quite liked it. Also, the cover had me in so of course I will be reading the second book.

  • The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley out 22/2/2022. I have read two of Lucy Foley books, The Hunting Party and The Guest List, which are great who done it? Thrillers and having read the premise of The Paris Apartment, I knew it’s one I want to read as soon as it is out.

  • To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara out 11/01/2022. Now you would wonder why after reading A Little Life and not loving it why I want to read this one, but, I do like Hanya’s writing and I want more of it. Simple as that.

  • Four Aunties and A Wedding by Jesse Q. Suntato out 29/3/2022. I read Dial A Four Aunties earlier in the year which I found salacious and thoroughly entertaining and I am ready to see what the aunties have in store for me in the second book.

  • Time Is A Mother by Ocean Vuong out 5/4/2022. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous was such a beautiful, amazing book. One that I absolutely loved and had me wanting to read more of Ocean Vuong’s works.

  • The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn out 29/3/2022. I have read three of her books, The Alice Network, The Huntress and The Rose Code, and Kate Quinn has it down with conspiracy historical fiction and I will always read anything she writes.

  • A Spell of Good Things by Ayobami Adebayo out 2022. Listen, I read Stay With Me and that book had me on a chokehold. Thrilling, brilliant and such a page turner! I can’t wait for her second novel.

That’s it from me. Do you have any 2022 releases you are excited for?