Hi, Reader! The year is about to end which for me means taking stock. In June, Suckerforcoffe turned 5 and I remember having a ‘WHAT’ moment. 5 years is a dizzying number and I need a pat on on the back. So this post is me doing just that.

Blogging consistently about books is not an easy thing to do, tbh. It’s not just about the writing, but you have to read the books too and sometimes when I am not able to put up a review in time I panic a little. I have had moments where I wanted to quit altogether because, impostor syndrome, and it took all that I have in me to just keep going.

That being said, I have had the best of times with this site and socials. I have read good, great and amazing books. I have made lasting friendships. I have grown as a reader, and even a writer. And so much more. I say a little silent prayer of thanks for the community I have managed to create in this little corner of the internet that is Suckerforcoffe.

Take aways from the 5 years I have been doing this:

  1. Read what you want. I remember starting out and reading what I saw on Bookstagram and other blogs, even when I wasn’t enjoying them because I wanted to belong. I thank God that I managed to let that go and found joy in my preferred Genres.
  2. Take breaks and don’t apologise for doing so. You can’t pour from an empty cup and it took me burning out to realise that. Right now I don’t have strict schedule and only post when I can.
  3. Before anything else, I am a reader first.
  4. Read at your own pace. Not comparing myself to other readers and blogs because reading and writing is a personal experience and I need to remember that always.
  5. Curate your time line. I spent a significant amount of time on my socials and I realised it is important for me to follow accounts that I love and enjoy their content. Ones that bring me joy and not misery and so far I’m happy with how my social pages look like.
  6. Buddy reads, Readathons, read alongs and reading challenges have helped me a lot in discovering new books, authors and in some cases getting out of my comfort zone.
  7. Support in and from the community matters a lot and grateful for that.

Suckerforcoffe wouldn’t be where it is right now without your readership, sharing and engaging with me, and for that I say Thank You! ❤️ I’m truly grateful and appreciate each and every one of you.