Hello, reader! I hope you had a good reading weekend. This post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now and I have no excuse why. I have been doing yearly reviews for the past 3 years and it is a tradition I want to keep on doing. I like looking back through the year and seeing the good, the bad and the interesting so basically that is what this post is going to be about.

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On my reading and blogging goals:

Looking back at my 2019 Reading Goals I might say I wasn’t badly off in ticking them off.

  • I managed to read more poetry, essays, short stories and modern classics which is a win but when it came to Kenyan literature I failed short.
  • Clearing my physical and kindle tbr didn’t go as planned but I try again this year.
  • Be active in a book club. This didn’t go as planned at all. I didn’t get time for the meetings, and most importantly I didn’t get the books and simply gave up.
  • Putting out one discussion post once a month, didn’t happen, my Coffee with Fay series also had a good run but I took a step back to restructure. Hopefully it will be back this year, bigger and better.
  • My reading goal for 2019 was 30books and I read 60, yaaaaay!!! I also wanted to put out more book reviews which went well but not to a satisfactory point.

On The Blog

Suckerforcoffe turned 3 in July and it was a huge milestone for me. In 2019 I wrote 29 blogposts over the course of 10 months.

Some of the notable blog posts were:

I also took part in 3 reading challenges which were so much fun and a great help in clearing my tbr. I did Victober, Gilmorethon and Nonfiction November.


Like I mentioned I read 60 books in total of which 40 were written by women and 20 by men. I have been trying to read more women and I feel like I am on the right track. Goodreads did a good job in breaking down my reading so I’ll share that below.

To note: 3 books I read were not on Goodreads meaning they were not tracked hence the details only show for 57 books.





Notable Events

  • In June 2019 my family and I went on vacation in Mauritius and it was such an amazing experience. The food, the people and the lifestyle was truly amazing and we had the best time.
  • If you read my life at 23 post you know I was excited to be graduating, and in July of 2019 I finally got my degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • September 2019 I went on a girls trip with two friends of mine to Naivasha for a few days. I can sum it up as a freeing experience and definitely one of many.
  • I am part, and founder of a Bookclub called BooksandBanter and in December 2019 we met for the first time for a picnic. Truly you cannot fight the power that is books.


Ps: Look out for a blog post coming soon where I share more about the book club and how you can be part of us.


I think I have managed to capture the highlights of 2019. It was a year of learning and growth and I am grateful for the lessons.


What is one thing that made your 2019?