When the year (2017) started, I made a short list of things I wanted to accomplish come December 2017. Looking back now, I can confidently say I did really well, and got almost all of them done. I did a similar one for 2016, in case you want to read it, check it out here.

My resolutions 

Doing more with less. ✔❌

This is a little 50/50. Still working on it. 

Read 35 books. ✔ 

I read 35 and more! Whoop! 

Blog more. ✔ 

I managed to put up 42 posts. 42 posts you guys!!! That’s a lot for me considering I wasn’t even being consistent until the last month. 

Stick to my work out routine.

This was a massive fail. Tried for a bit but ended up giving up. 

Feed my body, mind and soul with positivity.

Did quite well on this and I’m still working on it. 

Read out of my comfort zone.

I tried non fiction and science fiction, quite liked it! 

Read and complete a book series.

I did not even try. I have a love hate relationship with series. 

Stick to my planner.

I did a very good job with this, it really helped with my being organized. 

Grow my book collection.
Books! Books! Books! I acquired some pretty great titles and enjoyed reading some! 
On the blog 

  • As I mentioned, I managed to put up 42 blog posts. 19 of them are book reviews! 
  • I started a blog series, Coffee With Fay, where I get to talk to really awesome bloggers and readers. (post goes up every Sunday)

  • I celebrated my 1 year blog anniversary. You can read that post here. 
  • I hit 200 followers.

  • I garnered 2300+ views! (small achievement that I am really proud of)

    On Reading 

    To be honest, I didn’t expect to read as much as I did last year. I surpassed my reading goal, 35 books, and read 80. 80!!!! In that list I read some pretty amazing books that I believe everyone should read. Watch out for that post next week. ☺

    In general 

    • I started listening to podcasts and I’m currently obsessed! My favorite right now has to be Mostlylitpod, where they discuss books and pop culture.
    • I got back to meditation and it has been really helpful.
    • I finally came into terms that I am a hoarder. 
    • Ginger tea. Can’t. Stop. Drinking. It. 
    • I finally got a bookshelf. Thank you mama! ❤
    • Local Wolves ~  an online and print publication delving into the most creative minds from the world of arts, entertainment and culture.
    • The Tig. Even if it’s no longer there, it was a blog that I went to a lot and I’ll surely miss. 

      That’s it for my 2017, I hope 2018 is even better! 

      How was your 2017? Read some interesting books? Watched some great shows? Listened to good music? Picked up a hobby?

      Tell me everything!