For the longest time I have been loosely in and out of book clubs because I just couldn’t settle for one. Rather, I didn’t find one that suited me. Heck, I even tried hosting one and it lasted 8 months before it died. Enter 2021 where I decided to actively look for a book club or two that I could stick to and take part in. Happy to report that I did find them.

As I share the book club book picks on my socials, as one does lol, I have on more than one occasion gotten questions on book clubs one can join. So I decided to do the homework for you guys and went in search for book clubs out there. I found 14 which I want to share with you. These are divided into 3 categories, the ones I am in, celebrity book clubs and book clubs recommended by you or that I have seen around.

Book Clubs I am In


  • The Indulgent Bibliophile Book Club. I joined the Indulgent Bibliophile in February and let me tell you, it is the best decision I made this year. The book picks are amazing, the members are welcoming and engaging and we have the best host ever. Hi Amyn! The Indulgent bibliophile has a focus in African Caribbean and Asian Literature with such a diverse reading list. To join just head on here.
  • Soma Nami Book Club. Reader, I found my first in person book club and I AM OBSSESSED! Soma Nami Book Club came up shortly after the bookstore, with a main focus of in African literature. As a result I have read some really amazing books and had the best of conversations with the other members. I tend to look forward to the end of the month for the meetings. To join simply head on to Soma Nami.
  • Book of Cinz Book Club. I remember following Cindy early last year in an effort to read more Caribbean books. So far so good I am happy with the recs and found some of my best books from her page. Book Of Cinz Book Club has such an eclectic reading list which I love. To join just head on to bookofcinz and sign up

As Recommended By You

I do not have much information on these ones, so I’ll link their pages and profile and if it is one that piques your interest, message them on how to join.

  • Bc_readers. For good reads, great food and honest reviews! Link
  • Miss Swan & Co. Good books and good vibes. I joined them for their Kintu discussion and absolutely loved it. Link
  • Text Book Centre Book Club. Something to note, you get 10% off on the book of the month for the whole month. A good way to save your coins! Link
  • Happynoisemaker. Link
  • Booksandbeyondbookclub. Link
  • The Feminist Book Club. Link

Celebrity Book Clubs

I would say that these are the easiest to join as they are purely on social media. Follow them, see the book they are reading for the month and read along.

  • Oprah’s Book Club. Link
  • Reese’s Book Club. Link
  • Belletrist. Link

There goes my list. With the new year coming up, I hope you get to join one or two book clubs and get to read some good books.

Are you in any Book Club? Tell me about it.